Repair & Rescue

Here are a few of the 3D printing projects that have helped save money or even saved irreparable parts from being thrown away.
Money saved
Armani Sunglasses (ea4113). A 3x4mm 3D print saved the whole part (the Temple) that otherwise would have had to be replaced. Part-link
80,00 Euro
e-scooter-Fender. These things break with little stress. Part-Link
180,00 Euro - Original Part
30,00 Euro - 3rd party
Mic-Adapter. The weakest point of the construction. (and we built an even better version of the whole holder :-) Part-link
20,00 Euro
Tesa dispenser. Only the central axis was broken (It was just a triangle with a pin). No spare parts are offered by the manufacturer.
40,00 Euro
+ no Trash